We’re writing a new Underwing song – and we want you to tag along! 😷🤘


We’re creating a new Underwing  song – help us out!

This Corona situation has us all locked up in our homes and the five of us are boiling over with creativity and chomping at the bit to create more music!
Since we can’t hang out with you all, what do you say to getting some creative input in the writing of our next song?

Over the next few weeks we’ll be writing a brand new Underwing song and you get to decide who of us will be writing the different parts of the song.
We will be putting out some polls where your vote is crucial and those of you who are Patreon supporters will be given EVEN more creative power. Want to be a part of that? Join in here. 

In today’s poll, you get to decide who of us will write the Intro and outro to our brand new song!
Will it be Enyeto, Jesper, Magnus or Thomas?
You decide, we provide! 😎

Become a Patron!

To take part in the decision as to which one of us gets to write the intro/outro to this new song, you have to head over to our Facebook page where you’ll find the picture above. Just comment underneath the post with E (for Enyeto), J (for Jesper), M (for Magnus) or T (for Thomas)😎

And don’t forget that if you become a Patron over at our Patreon, you’ll get exclusive voting power, work-in-progress updates, early listening access, LIVE Q&A sessions and more! There will be a lot more to this as we progress further down the road of this exciting new project, and YOU can directly influence us by helping us decide which parts sound the coolest etc.

We’re looking forward to doing this collaboration on a brand new Underwing song with you guys! Now get voting!🤩

Digital hugs,

Magnus, Enyeto, Jesper, Thomas & Joachim // Underwing


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