Underwing’s concert time machine

Come enter the Underwing concert time machine β³πŸ“‘πŸŒŸ

Okay, so as part of this big focus we’re having on live shows and concerts these days, we’ve built this very special time machine which takes you waaaay back to like 2016/2017 when we played “Paragon” for the first time at Onkel Aksel Musikkbistro in Kristiansand. Whoa, just writing that felt weird because it feels like a lifetime ago. Therefore, we’ve made a little playlist on YouTube that takes you through our progress as a live band for the last years – We hope you enjoy ❀️

We’ve also added some videos that you’ve never seen before because they are unlisted on our YouTube channel 😏✨

Anyways, enter the “Underwing-concert-time-machine”, it takes you through our progress as a live band 😎⚑️

When you’re done fiddling in 2017-Kristiansand, come back to compare with this πŸ‘‡

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