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The show must go on

By Magnus Christiansen We’re back to playing shows again, let us tell you how it feels! ☀️👇🌀 Because let’s face it, we haven’t played a proper show in like almost a year, so to finally hit the stage for our first gig in like forever felt pretty great! All of the things one take for granted while sitting inside contemplating during the winter months, people,

Where Gods Conspire – Live from Lockdown Sessions

We are stoked to release Where Gods Conspire from our live streamed show “Lockdown Sessions” back in November 2020 🔒🌀⚡️ Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube to stay in the loop on the newest videos! 🎱🤩

Underwing Concert Time Machine

Underwing’s concert time machine

Come enter the Underwing concert time machine ⏳📡🌟 Okay, so as part of this big focus we’re having on live shows and concerts these days, we’ve built this very special time machine which takes you waaaay back to like 2016/2017 when we played “Paragon” for the first time at Onkel Aksel Musikkbistro in Kristiansand. Whoa, just writing that felt weird because it feels like a