New Music Friday – The Hoof (Live from Lockdown Sessions)

It’s Friday and the sun is shining, what better day to release some new music?! πŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈ

So, because we want to enjoy the sun while it lasts – we’ll just give you the video without building up to it with fancy words and stories πŸ˜… But don’t fret, there will be more about “The Hoof” later ⚑️

Did you miss last week’s release?

That’s quite all right, a lot of information these days, we know πŸ˜… But if you want to get up to speed, you can watch I Am The Sun (Live from Lockdown Sessions) here β˜€οΈ

Other than that, if you’re new to Underwing – welcome to the club, we’re releasing new music + videos every Friday till mid-April, from our Lockdown Sessions concert which was held in our hometown Arendal on the 21st of November 2020. So we’re basically creating hype with these videos to remind people that we’re still a band, since we can’t tour right now. Kinda sad, we know, but these times are indeed quite sad πŸ˜…

So if you want to tag along on this little “new music friday”-vibe we got going on, we’d be genuinely euphoric if you would share our stuff, talk about it to your friends (even if you think we’re shit, be sure to tell your friends HOW shit😎), send us an e-mail, whatever it is!
We love to get in touch with you guys 🀩❀️

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