SURPRISE ENCORE: House on Fire (Live from Lockdown Sessions)

Ha! You thought Lockdown Sessions was over, didn’t you? 🔒

Well, after you’ve read this post and watched the surprise encore that is our brand new song House on Fire, Lockdown Sessions will finally be history, and hopefully we won’t have to be forced into the same circumstances ever again after the world opens up more and more 🌎💫 We know that might come across as very naive, given that we live in the 6th extinction event, and that these horrifying viruses and other nasty consequences are all starting to catch up with us, meaning that situations like the corona pandemic (or worse!) will definitely happen again, if we do not take heed of the warnings that Mama Earth is providing us ✊ But hey! You kind of have to risk looking like a naive fool in order for change to happen, so we’re going to do just that.

As some of you have realized, House on Fire is a metaphor..

And as I (Magnus, guitar man, colorful sock boy) stated in the press-release that we’re sending around to blogs etc. in order to get some hype for this release:

“House on Fire is a metaphor for our world crumbling to piecesboth on an external and an internal level. The song was written a year before the pandemic, and was originally intended to tackle subjects like racism and global climate issuesHoweverwhen the pandemic hit we “rebranded” the song and it’s accompanying video so that it would represent those same issues, but under the overarching glue of terms like injustice, oppression and so forth. The music video is more like a short horror film rather than a music video, and I can tell you this much: There will be no happy ending. Or will it?” – Magnus Christiansen, guitars

Okay okay okay, I know that statement is kind of where hope goes off to die a slow and painful death – but it’s been quite the year for us, guys. We’re barely holding it together, honestly. That’s why we decided to drop a live version of House on Fire BEFORE the studio version, because everything is upside down these days anyway! ✊😅🔥🏠

We would really appreciate if you took some seconds out of your day to pre-save House on Fire on Spotify 🔥🏠✊

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