Last song from Lockdown Sessions is Caveman!

Ladies and djentmen – We proudly present our song Caveman, which is the last song of our little series that has been Lockdown Sessions πŸ”’πŸŒ€

Other than that, it’s a perfect day for a little nervous optimism, as the authorities are trying to gradually open the country again ✊ We are really eager to start playing again, and on the 7th of May we’re FINALLY releasing our single “House on Fire” to the world, after having to delay an already delayed release due to the corona situation πŸ”₯✊ We sincerely hope you want to help us spread the word about House on Fire, it’s a project that we’ve really poured our heart into with a music video deserving of awards (thanks to an insane camera crew, more on them later❀️), and we really hope you guys will like it too ✊

Pre-save House on Fire


Also, if you want to read more about House on Fire, you can check out this articleΒ  ✊πŸ”₯🏠

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