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All right, so it’s time for a little story! I love writing stories, and especially about our many adventures we’ve had together over the years, both as close friends and as a band being on the road. Just to avoid any confusion, this is Magnus’ (guitars) perspective of the summer of 2017 which is what we define within the band as our own little “summer of love”, because it really holds so many memories which are dear to our hearts❤️Our song “I Am The Sun”, which you may have heard by now, was inspired and written because of this summer. 

..It was the same summer right after we had released our debut-EP “Kaela Upsweep”. The hype was real within the band, and we had gotten some REALLY awesome reviews, both nationally and internationally. I can remember very vividly that me and Enyeto walked down the sunny streets of our hometown, Grimstad – a small port town located on the very southern coast of Norway. We were living together at the time in a little two-story apartment, together with his girlfriend, Jasmin.

“I remember going through an introspective period of my life, second guessing my choices on a daily basis. Was it because I felt that I didn’t need anyone around me to help me? Perhaps they couldn’t help me? Maybe I was just mingling with them while portraying a false self upon the world? Letting them mirror the imperfect perfection I thought I was.” – Enyeto Kotori

I had spent the previous 4-5 months inside this very apartment, reading books about the music industry and trying to get some coverage for our debut-release. I had spent endless hours sending e-mails manually to just about EVERY blog I could find on the internet that could be relevant to our genre of music. Most people never replied, but we had managed to get some cool features here and there – one of these were in a Norwegian magazine, “Scream Magazine”.

We have this kiosk in Grimstad that just happens to stock Scream Magazine, and that’s why me and Enyeto were walking down the streets this sunny afternoon. We went down and found the magazine, opened it up and skimmed through the pages before we came to the “review section”. There it was! Our debut-release “Kaela Upsweep” got a stunning 4/6!

“A good and exciting debut!” they said, listing the 90’s Seattle grunge-scene as our inspirations, along with the more heavy rock from the 70’s. We were pretty stoked about this review, to say the least, so we ended up buying the magazine before we headed up the streets again, returning to our little home in Grimstad city centre. The thing about Grimstad, and almost all other towns down here, is that it doesn’t take more than a good 10-20 minutes to walk up and down the whole thing.

Just before taking a turn to enter the little alley where our apartment was located, we met a girl which both me and Enyeto sort of knew, or well..knew of, because that’s how things are in a small town. We always had a good tone and encounters with said girl was always very nice. She asked us what we were up to, and we didn’t really have any plans other than doing our regular band-stuff (writing music, sending e-mails etc.), and she told us that since the sun was finally out, they had gathered a whole bunch of people up at “Kirkeheia” which is Norwegian for “Church Hill”, a beautiful place in Grimstad which is basically a huge grass field with sort of an amphitheatre at the bottom, to have some beer and just chill out. As Norwegians being in hibernation for a whole winter, we weren’t exactly hard to ask – so we decided to join!☀️

“Truth is, we all need each other and yes, it’s easy to forget sometimes. I found it hard, maybe scary to open up to people in a feminine way, letting them find comfort in my struggles as I laid it before them with an open heart. It was much safer to guide them in a masculine manner, bringing logic to the table in an assertive way, when the opposite was needed. Duality.” – Enyeto Kotori

At this point, we didn’t know how this summer would turn out. But the hours we spent that day on Kirkeheia sparked something in both of us. We decided to meet up with all the amazing people the next day as well, and started planning our days, we even made a little Facebook group where we could add people that wanted to take part of this. For the whole summer we met up, planned adventures and went on adventures! A tightly knit group of people just wanting to have a good time together and experience summer like we used to back in the day, with excitement and courage!

One of our new friends had a sailboat, and after having Kirkeheia as our main point of assembly, each day started out with a little chat notification that sounded something like “Ship will be leaving port at 5pm, come one come all!” followed by people letting each other know if they could join or not.

Prior to all of this, me and Enyeto had jammed a riff in our living room that was really quite simple but really catchy, and as musicians we find ourselves often humming along to melodies that catches our ear. We started doing this with said riff one day in the boat, and it didn’t take long for the others to catch on, humming along. It became THE jam that summer! In retrospect it’s pretty cool to look back on!

Another boy in this group had a handheld video camera that we always brought along to these journeys, documenting everything and then uploading it for everyone in the group to see. At the end of the summer we had a little “recap” together, watching clips and celebrating the end of a fantastic summer.

We brought the song into the studio and started recording it, while having ideas for a concept and music video to accompany it. We named it “I Am The Sun” and used clips from our journeys that summer in the music video for the song☀️

“I am the sun and the moon, the masculine and the feminine, the alpha and the omega. Its just that I seem to forget from time to time what aspect should be brought forth to best suit the situation. I love how this song reminds me.” – Enyeto Kotori

You can check out the video below, to get a glimpse of how a perfectly spent summer on the south coast of Norway looks like👇☀️❤️

This isn’t currently for sale, but as our way of saying THANK YOU for being a subscriber we’d like to give you a free download of a LIVE version of the song which we recorded during our Catocala Tour in the summer of 2018🙏 You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

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“Get to the point, we want to watch the music video now!”

..All right, I hear ya!

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