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That’s a deep and existential question, we know. But some of you have probably stumbled upon this site, and are curious about who Underwing is.

Underwing is an alternative rock band from Norway, most known for their intense genre-bending, catchy hooks, and the powerful vocals of frontman Enyeto Kotori.
By taking inspiration from genres such as prog, stoner and grunge, the band has made a unique musical expression. In short: If Black Sabbath and Alice in Chains had a lovechild that was adopted by Tool, who coincidentally lived next door to Soundgarden and Motorpsycho, the result would be Underwing.

Now..where do we begin?

The band’s debut EP, “Kaela Upsweep”, was released on 20.05.2017 and received critical acclaim from both national and international music press, such as Moshville Times, NRK Sørlandet, Heavymetal.no, Scream Magazine, Norway Rock Magazine and The Wilhelmsens.

After a long run of touring with “Kaela Upsweep” the band decided to record a feelgood summer song which captured the essence of living on the south coast of Norway during the summer months of 2017. Documenting their entire summer, hanging out with friends and while gigging around the country. The result was the song “I Am The Sun”, and you can watch the video here.

In the summer of 2018, Underwing embarked on their first ever “official” tour, visiting places around Norway which included a spot on the main stage of the Canal Street festival in Arendal. In November 2018, the band released their next single, “Where Gods Conspire”.
Underwing ended the year with the “Conspire Tour”, which saw them touring cities in support of the single “Where Gods Conspire”.


Underwing started 2019 on a high note with the release of “The Hoof”, a boisterous barnbuster of a single that combines 1970s style hard rock riffing with alternative rock. Taking inspirations from bands like Audioslave with the progressive, visceral flair of Gojira.
Over the last three years, the band has played over 100 shows across Norway, which in turn has transformed our live performances into a high octane, energetic, well-oiled machinery.

We released Spirals in June 2019, our first ever vinyl. After that followed a tour taking us to even wider reaches of Norway. Today Underwing are operating actively across multiple platforms other than our alternative rock band image, and have begun the journey that is the Underswing Sessions, which is a semi-stripped down rendition of our own songs. It’s stylistically more in the acoustic/swing type of soundscape, hence the pun. We are constantly evolving our idea of what a modern band should be.


The year 2020 hit us like a brick, as much as anyone due to the corona virus pandemic. Just before the outbreak, we departed with founding member and lead guitarist Thomas Myhren. We had a tour booked with 10+ dates starting on the 13th of March, to promote a new single we were going to release named “House on Fire”. The day before the tour was supposed to start, we received text messages from authorities about the country going into lockdown, while simultaneously answering e-mails from venues cancelling the gigs.

That sucked.

Looking for a new lead guitarist during a global health pandemic is hard enough on it’s own. We were so fortunate to recruit local guitar hero and long time friend of Joachim, Steffen Pedersen. Who also happened to play with Joachim in an earlier project. Originally he didn’t want to join the band on a permanent basis, but after stepping in temporarily for Thomas on this gig – He came around. 😏

After only being able to play five shows in total for 2020, we decided that we would spend the year writing new music while rehearsing the songs with Steffen.

Here is his first solo for the band 🤩

On the 21st of November 2020, we were invited to play a live stream concert in our hometown Arendal. We later on decided to mix the audio (shoutout to our dedicated drummer boy Joachim Walle Michalsen). We cleverly named it “Lockdown Sessions”, releasing new music every Friday. From Friday 12th of February 2021 – April 23rd 2021.

Rounding off the Lockdown Sessions era, we started heavily promoting our long awaited single release for the song House on Fire 🏠🔥


We then released two pretty kickass videos to promote the release ✊

Check out the lyric video for House on Fire here👇🏠🔥

Oh and let’s not forget the insane music video for the song, which is the biggest production we’ve been a part of so far 🌎✊