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The show must go on

By Magnus Christiansen We’re back to playing shows again, let us tell you how it feels! ☀️👇🌀 Because let’s face it, we haven’t played a proper show in like almost a year, so to finally hit the stage for our first gig in like forever felt pretty great! All of the things one take for granted while sitting inside contemplating during the winter months, people,

New single release – House on Fire is out now!

That’s right, our beloved brain child of a new single House on Fire is finally out wherever you stream music 🏠🔥 Continue reading this post for the latest news regarding the single release of House on Fire 🔥 Now, the thing is that our new single release is available on whatever streaming platform you may prefer, but as a rule of thumb we always send

House on Fire – The process so far

Recording House on Fire, which is the title of our upcoming release (May 7th!), has been a really long process, starting way back in 2019. With this post, we’ll try to give you some insight into a fun, yet demanding process that eventually turned into a little mini-series that we’ve posted on our YouTube channel. You’ve got to understand one thing. Recording House on Fire

SURPRISE ENCORE: House on Fire (Live from Lockdown Sessions)

Ha! You thought Lockdown Sessions was over, didn’t you? 🔒 Well, after you’ve read this post and watched the surprise encore that is our brand new song House on Fire, Lockdown Sessions will finally be history, and hopefully we won’t have to be forced into the same circumstances ever again after the world opens up more and more 🌎💫 We know that might come across

Underwing – Killing in the name ( Rage Against the Machine cover ) – Live from Lockdown Sessions

This week on Lockdown Sessions, we’re covering one of our favorite bands, Rage Against The Machine 🔥✊🔒 This week at live from Lockdown Sessions, is a cover that we started to fool around with during band practice back in 2017, which eventually turned into a customary thing during our shows 🌀 I think we all love that fierce energy of Rage Against the Machine, and

Pre-save House on Fire


We are FINALLY able to announce a release date for House on Fire, a song that many of you have been waiting for! May 7th, 2021 is the date! The wait has been way too long, we’ve been teasing with House on Fire for more than a year now and it makes us uncomfortable, but in a good way – Have you ever felt uncomfortable

Sunless Seed (Live from Lockdown Sessions)

This week it’s our song Sunless Seed from our debut-EP Kaela Upsweep 👇🎱☀️🌀🔒 Check out Sunless Seed below, and don’t forget to subscribe if you don’t want to miss out on next week’s release 🤩 Did you miss last week’s Lockdown Sessions? 🔒 Don’t fret! Just click this magical link and you’ll spiraling back to last week’s video 🌀🔒

Where Gods Conspire – Live from Lockdown Sessions

We are stoked to release Where Gods Conspire from our live streamed show “Lockdown Sessions” back in November 2020 🔒🌀⚡️ Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube to stay in the loop on the newest videos! 🎱🤩